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Although the traditional Mill Valley Little League parade was canceled by uncertain weather, and although the first week of games battled rainout after rainout, skies cleared enough on St. Patrick’s Day to allow the 2018 league season to begin.

Perhaps the leprechauns were looking out for the league. To the action:

Mill Valley Little League


Reds 7, Giants 6 (7 innings): The Reds staged a dramatic rally in the 6th inning to tie the game, then rode a Dylan Nash RBI single to a walk-off win at Boyle Park.

White Sox 10, Brewers 4: Trailing by four runs, the White Sox rallied for a five-run fourth inning behind back-to-back doubles by Bodhi Rosen and Ben Rossen. The White Sox rode strong late-game pitching from Ben Miller, Cassady Winchester, Ryan Simon and Will Basnight.


Phillies 9, Cubs 8: Jacob Stoelting ended a thriller with a walk-off single at Boyle Park. Patrick O’Keefe threw two shutout innings for the Phils.

Nationals 8, Pirates 3: Dara Zolfaghari, Dylan Whitmore and Colt Crum-Usich racked up 11 strikeouts for the winners.

KC Monarchs 13, Mets 3: Luke Aspatore drove in a pair of runs, while Scott Olinger threw two shutout innings and struck out five. Olinger reached base three times, and scored two runs for the Monarchs. For the Mets, Kaelin Christman struck out five in two innings, and Jackson Marcus hit a booming double.

Twins 16, Homestead Grays 3: Yasheen Ashraf struck out five in two shutout innings for the Twins. For the Grays, Wyatt Miyasato hit a bases-loaded double.

Giants 19, Tigers 8: Xander Mak had three hits, including a double off the fence, and Ethan Heidenreich pitched an inning, adding two hits. For the Tigers, Oliver Shore’s work as catcher curtailed the Giants’ run game.


Royals 4, Astros 1: Henry Bennett and Henry Tuttle each threw two shutout innings and the Royals smacked 14 hits, including multi-hit days from Brayden Clifford, Will Ostrander, Ryan Bindeman and Michael Betzler.

A’s 5, Devil Rays 2: Sean Miller threw two strong innings for the A’s and good defense and a balanced lineup aided the win. For the Rays, Charlie Blumberg doubled and made two defensive gems.

Rockies 5, Rangers 3: Keegan Heidenreich, JT Cochran and Garrett Murray each pitched two innings for the Rockies.

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