Anti-Trump group uses Tea Party’s plan to gain support

Members of Indivisible Marin on their way to the Women’s March in San Francisco - Left to right: Marlene Mills of Larkspur, Susan Morgan of San Rafael, Sivan Oyserman of San Rafael, with friends Carrie Hayes of Napa and Julia Jenanyan of St. Helena.

“Like many progressives, we were just stunned by the results of the election,” said Susan Morgan, a San Rafael resident who volunteers as marketing director for Indivisible Marin.

“We were with our neighbors for a holiday party and we were dismayed,” she said. “We decided that we needed to do something. We had to figure out ways to contribute.”

Morgan said she and her group of friends sought out guidance from the Indivisible Guide (, a website dedicated to fighting the Trump agenda. “It was a perfect fit,” she said. “We jumped in.”

In less than four weeks, the Marin branch of the Indivisible organization has mushroomed from its four founders to more than 200 members. Their formula for the next two years is to do precisely what the tea party did — act local and with a unified voice — pressure members of Congress (this time Democratic) to oppose Trump at every turn.

“The Trump presidency inspired progressives,” Morgan said, pointing to the women’s march the day after the presidential inauguration and the number of people who flooded airports in response to Trump’s ban on seven Arab nations’ entry to the country.

The Marin Indivisible group got rolling through a session with Senators Dianne Feinstein’s team

Six members of the Marin group met with Dianne Feinstein’s new State Director, Sean Elsbernd, on Feb. 6. The meeting agenda, developed by founders Susan Morgan and Isabel Campoy of San Rafael, was centered on Feinstein’s accessibility and her position on upcoming votes. A number of members had reported difficulty in reaching the senator by phone. Her lines were often busy. Because the group had been advised that phone calling was most effective, they wanted to confirm the best phone number for her.

Elsbernd’s response was surprising. The phone number wasn’t a problem. It was the unprecedented level of calls Feinstein was receiving “historic levels”, Elsbernd commented. For the time being, their system was ill equipped to handle the volume of calls. Elsbernd advised the group to use the email form on Feinstein’s website.

The Marin contingent is trying to seek out other voices in the nation who don’t back Trump’s agenda. There’s a “Sister District” program that teams Marin with other agencies Republican offices in order to provide cross education and there’s a “Swing Left” program that will help steer 2018 elections away from the Trump/GOP camp.

“Many Republican citizens are watching these events with growing concerns,” Morgan said. ”National security is a key principal of our democracy.”

The movement is growing.

“When we launched this group on Jan. 4, we never envisioned it growing so large so quickly, or the incredible outpouring of energy for and interest in the Indivisible Guide and the Trump Resistance across the country,” announced an Indivisible spokesman.

”We are grateful for your input and your patience as we have done the early work of structuring an organization and developing a road map for the coming months.”

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