It doesn’t take much to get me excited about the Mill Valley Film Festival. And, it’s coming up fast – 43 days – but who’s counting.

The latest tidbit coming from the festival folks is that there will be three world premiers of music related films:

1. “Third Mind Blues”, a film about the collaboration of Ray Manzarek of the The Doors and Roy Rogers (not the cowboy, the guitarist from Vallejo). Promotion for the film says: “Watching the pair improvise songs, rehearse for a concert tour, and lay down album tracks is a master class in the special alchemy of opposites attracting, with influences ranging from the classical canon and Delta blues heritage to the SF beat poets …” Sounds stellar.

2. “About The Mad Hannans,” a documentary about Jerry and Sean Hannan who created a cult following in Marin with a special brand of Irish folk rock. Looks like a must see for Marin-ers.

3. “The Paul Butterfield Story,” chronicles the timely story of harmonica player Paul Butterfield who shattered racial barriers in the world of music. Promo for the film says it will feature appearances by Elvin Bishop, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, and Maria Muldaur. Should be a good one.

The festival begins Oct. 5 and runs through the 15th.


President Trump failed to lead the nation by trying to create a moral equivalency between the white supremacists and the counter protesters. The KKK and white supremacists needed to be singled out and repudiated by Trump because white supremacists find succor under the Trump/Pence banner. Mr. President, you gotta call out that kind of evil – and I don’t use that term lightly -- at every turn.


Former AG Eric Holder issued this priceless Tweet in the aftermath of the Virginia racial unrest:

“This is a time to choose sides-simple as that. Who do you stand with? What do you truly value? There is a right side and an immoral one.”

That’s exactly what I thought after the Obama Administration sent a billion dollars to Iran, knowing Iran is a terrorist state that actively seeks to kill Jews worldwide.

There was a “right side” and “an immoral one” then, too, Mr. AG. You were on the wrong side.


I seem to always find myself getting a chuckle out of the Marin DA’s press releases. They seem so breathlessly delivered to me. Anyway, it’s good to know these alleged Golden Gate acrobat desperados will be in court soon after reading the DA’s strongly worded letter.

“The Marin County District Attorney filed misdemeanor trespass and climbing on a toll bridge charges in violation of California Streets and Highways Code section 27174.2(a) against Peter Cameron Kurer and Thomas James Rector. These charges stem from an incident occurring on the Golden Gate Bridge on April 11, 2017, when the two identified defendants climbed the North Tower of the bridge and taped themselves engaging in highly dangerous stunts that were subsequently published on various social media sites. Each defendant has been sent a letter to appear for arraignment in San Rafael, California, on the specified charge on September 12, 2017. A failure to voluntarily appear will subsequently result in a criminal warrant for their arrest.”


Kudos to the San Francisco Chronicle for calling out UC Berkeley for its outrageous perk for ex-Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. While the Chron could have been stronger in its condemnation of Dirks getting a year off at full Chancellor salary before heading back to the rigors of the classroom, it was important to at least say that those kinds of perks are “part of the problem”.

Indeed they are. UC Berkeley is one of the top schools in the world, but it won’t be for much longer if it can’t find budgetary balance, which should include the end of squandering public money via executive perks.

(Sherman Frederick is the publisher of Marinscope Community Newspapers. You can reach him at


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