Mill Valley

Oct. 22 – 29

‘Normal’ Yeller 1: A man on Locust Avenue was seen by a woman pacing around, yelling bad words at himself and generally appearing scary. A woman inside a place of business did not want to go outside with the man there. Police arrived, straightened things out and advised the woman that it was OK. The man was known to police and that was his “normal self.”

‘Normal’ Yeller 2: A man on Miller Avenue was seen screaming at passing cars and dancing in the parking log. Police arrived and said it was his “normal self.” Yeah, you’re thinking what we’re thinking. Mr. Normal may need some closer supervision for a bit.

Prius Driver Alert: A black Toyota Prius was parked on E. Blithedale Avenue blocking a person’s driveway. The person was unable to leave. Police tried calling the Prius driver, but to no avail. So the poor little Prius was given a citation.

Hit in Crosswalk: A student at just before noon on Oct. 22 was bumped by a car as she walked in the crosswalk on Miller Avenue. The vice principal at the school called it in. the student has sore hip. The driver was long gone.

Instagram: A mother reported to police that an unknown man sent her 12-year-old daughter an unwanted picture on Oct. 23.


Oct. 19 – 30

Super Attentive Landlady: The landlady of a rental house on Wray Avenue noticed that her renters left the house, leaving a candle burning in a jack-o-lantern. She was worried that it would burn the place down. She wanted an officer to come over and blow the candle out. The call was cancelled, however, when someone inside the house blew out the candle. Spooky.

Stranger Danger: A man at 9 a.m. on Oct. 29 in a green shirt and a cowboy hat (no word on pants) stood in front of a school calling a girl’s name. A citizen called police thinking it was “weird” (which it was.) Police responded and took care of the situation.

Two Fur Coats: A man was arrested on Caledonia Street for being in position of two fur coats that were stolen out of storage facility. It gets a bit chilly in Sausalito. Sometimes you need two coats, but they should your own. Folks in Sausalito are sticklers about that.

Damn Parking Meters: Sausalito’s parking meters, probably the most onery in the world, struck again on Oct. 29. A woman had time left on her meter, but the meter would not take her credit card again. Police were called.

Tire Slashed: On Oct. 22 someone slashed the tire of a Subaru Outback on Harrison Avenue. Report taken.

Dog Yeller: A man on Oct. 19 yelled at a woman and her three dogs. The tirade went on for 5 minutes, a witness said.

Poop In My Bin: A woman on Butte Street called police to let them know that someone left human poop in her trash bin. It is unknown how she knows this with certainty.

Everyone Does It: A mom let her kids urinate in public on Harbor Drive. A citizen complained to the mother and she said “everyone does it.”

San Rafael

September 17

Burglary: Hand tools valued at approximately $500 were stolen from a locked vehicle, which belongs to Greenwood Electric. The theft occurred on Paul Drive and was reported at 9:16 a.m. There are currently no suspects.

Stolen Vehicle: A silver 1999 Honda Civic was stolen from JK Motors on Belvedere Street sometime during the weekend. The SRPD recovered the vehicle on September 28.

Stolen Vehicle: A blue 1994 Toyota pickup truck was reported stolen from Playa Del Rey at 10:15 a.m. the truck was recovered by Daly City police.

Domestic Violence: Police arrested an individual during an incident on Isle Royale Court at 12:48 p.m.

Stolen Vehicle: A blue 1993 Ford Explorer was reported stolen from Marian Court at 4 p.m. The vehicle was recovered by Richmond police on September 26.

Battery: Police responded to a report of an unwanted subject at Papillon Fitness Pole & Dance on El Prado Avenue. 4:26 p.m.

September 18

Recovered Vehicle: A silver 2005 Toyota Camry was recovered by San Rafael police after it was reported stolen from Las Gallinas Avenue the day before.

Recovered Vehicle: San Rafael police recovered a blue 2015 Toyota Prius that had been reported stolen from Merrydale Road the previous morning.

Stolen Vehicle: A green 1998 Honda Civic was reported stolen from Novato Street. The car was later recovered on September 29.

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