Tuesday, March 27

Bike theft: East Blithedale: A thief cut a lock and stole a $5,000 Santa Cruz bike.

Car gets hammered: Eucalyptus Knoll. A car owner reported someone dented their car with a hammer.

iPhone theft: Miller Avenue. Another iPhone was reported stolen from Tam High.

Wednesday, March 27

She’s moved on: Throckmorton. A caller was advised to obtain a restraining order against a former boyfriend who was harassing her and her new boyfriend.

Theft: Catalpa Avenue. A caller accused a delivery man of stealing an iPad.

Car into wall: Miler Avenue. A man crashed his car into a wall at the service station.

Singing: Miwok Way. A caller reported hearing someone singing and talking outside of their apartment.

Thursday, March 28

Accident: West Blithedale. Officers were unable to determine who was at fault after the drivers of a Ford pickup and a Chevy Blazer mixed it up.

Stolen bike: Miller Avenue. A 30-speed mountain bike was reported stolen from Tam High.

Auto burglary: Redwood Highway Frontage Road. Someone smashed a window and stole an iPad, laptop and backpack from a Dodge Charger.

Friday, March 29

Truck into traffic light: A construction truck knocked over a traffic light.

Purse taken from unlocked car: West Blithedale Avenue. A caller reported someone stole their purse.

Unmentionables fraud: Lovell Avenue. Someone open accounts in a resident’s name at Macy’s and Victoria Secret.

Saturday, March 30

Shhhhh: Miwok Avenue. Two subjects agreed to keep their voices down after a neighbor complained about their loud talking.

Sunday, March 31

Explain the law: Linden Lane. A caller wanted an officer to “explain the law” to the other party involved in an accident.

Monday, April 1

Burglary: Coach Road. A caller reported their house was ransacked and their computers were missing.

Uhaul damage: Redwood Highway Frontage Road. A guest caused minimal damage to a single board with their Uhaul truck.

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