Richard Shindell brings his "Once Voice, One Mic, Two Guitars" Tour to Novato tonight

Richard Shindell plays the Hopmonk Tavern on Friday, November 2.


Singer, guitarist and songsmith, Richard Shindell will bring his all acoustic, completely solo, North American tour to Novato on November 2nd at Hopmunk Tavern. Shindell will perform with just one microphone and two mid-century guitars. The guitar connoisseur will forgo his usual menagerie of pedals, electric and acoustic instruments to perform solely with two gems from his collection: his Martin D-18 and his 00-18, both from 1952.

On the road earlier this year, Shindell and his band mates in Cry Cry Cry  (the folk super group with Dar Williams and Lucy Kaplansky) ended their sets gathered around his Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina microphone.  For this tour, Shindell will depart from his usual set up and sing into the Edwina, accompanying himself on the Martin guitars. He will also have his Stefan Sobell mandola on hand to use when the mood strikes. Shindell will perform selections from his discography including his latest, 2016’s Careless

Of the tour, Shindell says, “sometimes one wants to go back to a simpler time, especially these days. [What on earth is wrong with these people?] So for this upcoming tour, I'll be going all acoustic, bringing the two Martins and a Stefan Sobell mandola. Regarding the Sobell, I have no idea why it took so long for this sublime piece of work to make it out of the house. Is that smoke I smell?”

“All acoustic is easy. It's what I did for years. But here's the hard part, and the reason this tour will be a bit of a challenge: I'll be doing it all into one microphone, an Ear Trumpet Labs "Edwina" (I hear they have a new version called the "Dark Edwina"... Hmmmm. must investigate). If you were in attendance at any of the Cry Cry Cry shows earlier in the year, this is the microphone we gathered around near the end of each set. This time I won't have my friends with me, so it's going to be interesting. Limiting oneself to one condenser microphone in a live setting can be tricky. Since I'll be traveling alone, I'll be relying on the expertise and patience of other friends: sound technicians!”

Currently, Richard lives in Buenos Aries with his wife and children and has released thirteen full length albums, several EPs and has been included on several compilation albums.  He rose to prominence as a songwriter in 1997 when Joan Baez chose to record three of his songs and invited him out on tour with her the following year. In addition to his solo work, Shindell is part of Cry Cry Cry with Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams.  The trio recorded their debut LP in the late 1990s and recently resurrected the group for tour dates in 2017and 2018.  The trio released their version of Jump Little Children’s “Cathedrals” this year, the first new music from the band in almost twenty years.

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