Rotary Club digs in at school

Outdoor renovations at Mary E. Silveira School include a new landscape and the installation of crushed granite, large boulders and a circular bench.

The Rotary Club of Terra Linda is marking its 50th anniversary but local residents are the ones who will celebrate.

The club is in the midst of a large project with Mary E. Silveira School, where new benches surround a tree between buildings, creating a relaxing outdoor space.

“We were working very hands-on along with the faculty and parents and students with the first two phases of the project,” said Christine Goodin, newly-elected president of the Rotary Club of Terra Linda.

Rotary Club members removed the dying lawn at the school and installed drought-resistant landscaping with crushed granite, large boulders and a circular bench around a tree.

“We want to encourage people to gather under the tree, to be friends and hang out,” Goodin said.

The final phase, due to begin at the start of the new school year, will include benches, picnic tables and a handicapped accessibility ramp. The cost estimate for the benches and tables is $5,000-$7,000.

“Youth is a big focus of our activities,” Goodin said, adding that the Rotary Club has made an ongoing commitment to supply every third grader in Terra Linda with a new dictionary.

The club will likely have a greater impact in the county with the launch of Rotary Community Corps of Marin. The Rotary Community Corps was established in 1985, but is only now expanding into Marin.

“We have the community corps on board to take on projects,” Goodin said. “We’ll have our own projects and we’ll help each other.”

The Rotary Club of Terra Linda recently elected an all-female executive board, led by Goodin. Other officers are President-elect Jeanne Friedel, secretary Hilary Spaulding and treasurer Tamara Hull. They received a special honor on Aug. 5 at Albert Park, where it was Rotary Club of Terra Linda Night with the San Rafael Pacifics baseball club.

“Our Rotary Club is only one-third women, but the women are very involved,” Goodin said.

The Rotary Club’s activities for its 50th year extend beyond the school campus. Goodin hopes to organize $3,000 in funds for a new outdoor shed for the Senior Access campus.

“I would certainly like the Rotary Club to make a proud impact in our local community this year, as it has always done,” Goodin said. “The entire community is proud that the Rotary Club is 50 years old. The biggest thing I’d like for Terra Linda to know is how happy we are to be a part of the community.”

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