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Incorporated in February 2001, Novato Community Television (NCTV) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. NCTV is a broadcast station offering three Novato channels: 26 (public access programming), 27 (city and county government meetings) and 30 (Novato Unified School District meetings and programming). A seven-member board of directors oversees the station. The City of Novato and Novato Unified School District are founding partners of NCTV and designate representatives to serve on the board, as well.

The facility is located inside the NUSD building at 1015 Seventh Street. NCTV is funded primarily through 2% of Comcast Cable subscriber fees. The station offers training for all residents and businesses of Novato, hands-on training for non-profits to produce public service announcements, student internships, retirees looking for a hobby or anyone who wants to volunteer their talent, after becoming a member and taking an orientation class.

Originally founded as Novato Public Access Television (NPAT), the station changed its name in 2014 to reflect more of a community spirit. Current Executive Director Pam Haessly started volunteering at NCTV (formerly NPAT) in April 2001. She hosted a half-hour newsmagazine-style show entitled “This Month in Novato” — a show produced by the City of Novato. She now works with NCTV staff to produce a monthly show simply called “IN Novato,” airing on Comcast Cable Channel 26 and on YouTube.

In 2002 Pam joined the NPAT/NCTV board serving for five years, two years as president. She later produced her own show, “Marin Profile,” for two years. In 2011 Pam became the part-time office manager, then the interim executive director in 2013, leading to a permanent position as executive director in 2014. She holds a BA degree in Broadcast Communications from SFSU and has a diverse media background in network television, radio, corporate communications, newspapers, online media, voiceovers and as a TV personality. Pam has always been involved in the Novato community, and you may recognize her as one of the long-time 4th of July announcers.

Pam is proud of her part-time staff of five — all talented professionals who work as a team to inspire new producers, teach Novato youth and college students, support our founding partners and lend a hand to produce non-commercial programming for the Novato community. This is surely why NCTV has recently been nominated for its first award.

Staff encourages folks to schedule a tour of the station. Please visit our website at and Like/Follow us on our Facebook page. We have more to offer and would enjoy meeting you in person to discuss how you can get involved!

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