Staff report

There are a pair of hot topics on the agenda for Wednesday night’s Larkspur City Council meeting: the regulation of street parking and the operation of

massage businesses.

Parking is at a premium in just about every city, and Larkspur is certainly no exception.

In many growing neighborhoods in Marin County, residents might find no street parking close to home and have to park blocks away, a tiring exercise after a full day of work or chores.

Residents of the Larkspur Marina neighborhood complained to city officials that Redwood High School students often take up street parking, crowding into the neighborhood. There are also concerns that special events in the area — at Piper Park and at local schools — draw visitors who park along streets in the Larkspur Marina neighborhood.

The situation is similar in some other neighborhoods around Larkspur, a popular destination for shoppers and diners who need to find parking anywhere they can.

Officials on Wednesday evening will host a public workshop regarding the city’s new ordinance establishing a

preferential parking program.

The City Council adopted an ordinance at its September 28 meeting that allows the council to designate restrictions based on parking on certain streets.

The Larkspur Marina Property Owners Assocation has worked with the Central Marin Police Authority over the years to designate time limits for parking on public streets in the neighborhood. Residents found that high school students often parked on the neighborhood streets during the school day, thus taking up a significant amount of available on-street parking.

Redwood High School has implemented its own parking program to ease the problem.

Also, the LMPOA and CMPA erected signs in the neighborhood stating parking on public streets is limited to 20 minutes between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Residents may apply for an exemption from restrictions to on-street parking.

There are a few other neighborhoods with similar preferential parking programs in Larkspur, but the City Council ordinance could change how the programs around the city are designated and operated.

According to officials, the city would consider permit parking for neighborhoods where a petition has been submitted that has been signed by 75 percent of neighborhood residents, or where there is a similar request from the property owners association.

Larkspur officials are considering the conditions of permit parking and how many permits would be designated to each household; the cost of each permit; and whether permits would be renewed annually, or for the lifetime of the vehicle.

• The Larkspur City Council will revisit ordinances surrounding the operation of massage businesses within the city during Wednesday night’s meeting.

According the city’s staff report, the ordinance being brought before the city council is closely modeled after many of the ordinances recently adopted across the state. “Staff wishes to employ a proactive approach to the regulation of massage establishments in the event that code enforcement is necessary as well as update and streamline the requirements for massage practitioners to obtain permission to work in Larkspur.”

In particular, the ordinance focuses on the parameters for operating a massage business; concerns about the treatment limited liability partnerships; and the inappropriate touching of massage


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